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30 January 2020

Update on our new print services

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As per Christopher Oldham’s update in December, CDS have taken over the University of Essex Copy Centre, Graphic Design and Print functions. Take a look at some of the changes below.

Print Essex ordering process

New orders and amendments

From January 2020 we are encouraging all orders and amends for Print Essex to come through the online form which you can find here:

This form will be sent to the CDS client service team who will review and process your order.

Any content or amends can be attached to the online order form which will speed up the process.


Going forward, CDS will quote costs before starting any work. This will give you a chance to review and agree to costs, avoiding any amounting costs to be paid at the end of the project.

In order to be transparent, CDS quotes will be fully inclusive with no hidden fees. Quotes will state what is included and if you need more time than is quoted for amends, we can requote based on your requirements.

All quotes will need to be approved prior to CDS starting any work – a reply email simply stating your approval of the quote will get the team started on your project.

Contacting CDS Print Essex

To contact CDS regarding an order, email

You can also call the CDS client service team on 01206 87 3141.

We do request that any new orders or amends are requested through the online order form to enable us to track your order more efficiently.

The Essex university email accounts will no longer be monitored from Monday 3 February 2020.

Further updates to the Print Essex process

As we move forward into the contract we will be updating and refining the process for orders to be processed by Print Essex. These will be communicated via the Essex Daily newsletter and blog.

Volunteers for helping to shape the future process

CDS are looking for volunteers to share their findings of the Print Essex process to help CDS shape the future process.

If you are interested in helping, we will be conducting workshops and one-to-one meetings to gather as much information as possible. All information is welcome!

To register your interest please follow the instructions below and we will be in touch about setting up a session in due course.

  • please email
  • with the subject: “Print Essex: the good, the bad, and the ugly”
  • detailing in the body of your email;
    Email address
    Job title
    Happy to attend a workshop or prefer a one-to-one session

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