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10 January 2020

Ditching plastic bottles in 2020

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We’re committed to reducing our use of plastic and in the last two years we’ve embarked on a programme of replacing bottle-fed water coolers with plumbed-in units. This year we want to make sure that we have no bottle-fed machines in use on our campuses.

Plastic is a key element of our target to reduce our carbon emissions by 43% by 2020, compared with a 2005 baseline. As part of this work we’ve replaced 50 bottle-fed machines with mains-fed units since June 2019, which has provided a series of financial savings and sustainability benefits. These include:

  • A reduction in plastic as mains-fed water coolers do not need plastic bottles to be used/replaced.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of making and transporting the bottles.
  • No more heavy lifting/awkward manoeuvres when the bottles need to be changed.
  • A cut in plastic used on our three campuses.

The target for the year is to no longer have bottle-fed machines. However, we need your help in creating cultural change. We’d like to hear about any remaining bottle-fed units, so please get in touch if you still have one.

Contact our Sustainability Team.

We’d also like to hear from you if you bring in bottle-fed units for events, so we can work with you to explore solutions. We’re already working with the team behind Graduation to see how we can use fixed, plumbed in machines instead. Graduation get through around 80 bottles a year and installing them also takes up our porters times, so a move to mains-fed machines would make a real impact financially and in terms of sustainability.

By working as a community we can make a real impact and reduce our impact on natural resources.

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