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18 October 2019

Meet the Essex Apprenticeships and Summer Schools Team

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Our Apprenticeships Team and the Summer Schools Hub have recently merged to become EASST (Essex Apprenticeships and Summer Schools Team). We met the team to find out more about their work.

The EASST team

The EASST team

Who are EASST

There are four of us in total

  • Rachel Brown – Senior Apprenticeships and Summer Schools Manager
  • Julie Hewitt – Summer Schools Manager
  • Samantha Williams – Apprenticeships Officer
  • Olivia Hume – Summer Schools Officer

What is the main purpose of the team?

The main purpose of our team is to manage the Higher and Degree Apprenticeships and flagship Summer Schools delivered at the university. The team was brought together to promote the alternative routes in Higher Education available at Essex. Both the Summer Schools Hub and Apprenticeships Hub offer students flexibility in their studies to enhance their skillsets and employability.

What are the main responsibilities of your team?

The Apprenticeships Hub is responsible for supporting academic departments delivering Higher and Degree apprenticeships, as well as helping to develop new apprenticeships, including the writing and submission of Apprenticeship bids.  We also work closely with apprentices, employers, assessment organisations to make sure that everyone has the best possible experience as part of their apprenticeship.

The Summer Schools Hub focuses on supporting our flagship summer schools. These bring together experts from around the world to share their expertise and experiences, provide insight into current trends and developments and train participants in a range of specialised fields. We support departments in all areas of these summer schools from coordinating and planning to marketing and promotion.

Tell me something funny or unique about yourselves

Rachel has been High Hurstwood’s May Queen since 1977, Julie was invited to Iron Maiden’s very first professional gig by Steve Harris, who was friend at the time.

Sam is obsessed with all things Christmas and watches a Christmas film on 24 June every year to mark the six month countdown to Christmas, and Olivia is surprisingly good at hula-hooping.

What projects are you most proud of?

Essex was one of the first Universities in the country to go through a full three day Ofsted inspection for the Higher Apprenticeships and we were thrilled to receive the outcome of ‘Good’. The areas covered were leadership and management, quality of teaching, personal development and outcomes for learners.

The Summer Schools Hub has also produced new webpages to showcase the Academic and Professional Summer Schools at the University, creating a more visible web presence. We hope that this will make it easier for potential delegates to find out information about the Summer Schools we offer here at Essex, whilst also providing an opportunity for cross marketing.

What are your current priorities?

Our key priority is the growth and expansion of both Apprenticeships and Summer Schools in order to provide a diversity of learning opportunities in line with the University Strategy 2019-25.

What is your one tip for other people working at the University?

Essex Sport run some excellent fitness classes. Sam and Olivia often attend Zumba and step classes in their lunch break and find that this energises them for the afternoon ahead.

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