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27 September 2019

Parking at our Colchester Campus on Arrivals Day

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Parking at our Colchester Campus will be very limited on Sunday 29 as we welcome our new students and their families onto Campus.

Staff should park in either the Constable Car Park or Car Park A.

Car Park A will be split into two halves and staff should park beyond the taped off area closest to the Multi Deck Car Park.

All other car parks should be kept free to make sure there is enough parking for our guests.

A one way system will also be in use throughout the day.  Take a look at our map to find out more.

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26 September 2019

Switching to 100% renewable electricity

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Daisy Malt

Daisy Malt

Daisy Malt, our Sustainability Engagement Officer, tells us more about the work we’re doing to reduce our impact on the environment and our new contract with Haven Power for 100% renewable electricity.

As an institution, we’re working hard to reduce our impact on the environment. We’re very pleased to announce that our Sustainability and Procurement teams, alongside our energy broker, have secured a three-year contract for 100% renewable electricity, which begins on 1 October. The contract covers all of our campuses – Colchester, Southend and Loughton.

We’re working with Haven Power, which generates electricity predominantly through biomass. The company specialise in the production of electricity through the combustion of very fine wood pellets, which creates steam that in turn drives a turbine generator. The process produces around 86% less carbon emissions than burning coal, and puts to use some of the waste created in the timber industry.

We currently generate approximately 2.5% of our own electricity on-site through solar panels, and projects are under way to install more. While we are still relying on the grid, this shift to ‘green’ energy means we are supporting the renewable energy industry and this is an important step in our mission to lower our carbon footprint.

If you would like to know more about our carbon reduction work, please contact the Sustainability team.

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20 September 2019

Booking external speakers and rooms

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If you invite external speakers to University events, here’s a reminder about how to use the booking system.

What is an external speaker?

An external speaker is a person (or organisation) who is not a staff or student member of the University of Essex, the University of Essex Students’ Union or the University of Essex Faith Centre, who is invited to speak at an event.

An event is any meeting or activity which is organised by a staff or student member of the University of Essex, the University of Essex Students’ Union or the University of Essex Faith Centre which does not form part of a programme of study offered by the University or which is considered by the University as a centrally delivered learning event.

An event might take place at one of our campuses or an off-campus event in the University’s name and the event organiser’s responsibility and oversight of the event starts with the initial planning, includes all marketing, promotion, ticket sales and related communications and continues throughout the event and any post-event related incidents.

Why are external speakers important to Essex?

External speakers play a key role in university life, giving staff and students an opportunity to hear a broad range of views and beliefs and allowing students to develop their own informed opinions.  The external speaker notification system ensures that external speakers are aware of our expectations that they promote academic freedom, freedom of speech and equality and diversity, and remain within the law.

Who will give approval?

Designated staff from the University and the Students’ Union review the external speaker notifications.

Is there a deadline for submitting a request to book an external speaker?

External speaker notifications should be submitted no less than 15 days ahead of the event, and event organisers will normally receive the outcome of their review after 5 days.

You can find the forms on our website:

Who do I contact?

If you have any questions please contact:

External Speaker Notifications:

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An holistic approach to student development

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Daniel Fox, our Head of Student Development, tells us more about his new team and their priorities for the new Academic Year.

This summer saw the formation of our new Student Development team within the Student Life Directorate.

Daniel Fox, Head of Student Development.

Created through a restructure, Student Development incorporates Skills for Success, formerly known as the Talent Development Centre, alongside Careers Services, Faculty Co-ordination and Industry and Placements, formerly under the banner of Employability and Careers.

I just wanted to take a further opportunity to briefly highlight the work of this new team within the University as we move towards Welcome Week and the return of our students.

Through the creation of the Student Development service, we aim to achieve a more holistic approach to student development and, over time, a consolidation of initiatives with a greater emphasis on outputs and impact. This, alongside other new initiatives and ways of working, will allow us to become much more agile and focus our services when responding to student need.

As part of the restructuring we are changing the way students access our services in Colchester and Southend. On the Colchester campus the Employability and Careers Centre on Square 2 and the TDC Helpdesk on the ground floor of the Silberrad Student Centre have closed. The access point for initial enquiries is now the Student Services Hub (SSH) on each campus; since the creation of the Student Services Hub, it has been the intention to have a one-stop-shop approach, giving all students easy and clear access to services. This is also an opportunity to ensure parity of experience across our campuses is achieved, as well as extending opening times to students who want to access these services.

Clearly this is the start of an exciting journey where we aim to work closely with colleagues to ensure students are supported not only during their time here but also as they move into the next stage of their lives.

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19 September 2019

Are you looking after your eyes?

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With National Eye Health Week coming up, our Health Safety and Wellbeing Manager, Stuart Henty, talks about the importance of looking after your eyesight.

Many people fear losing their vision but take minimal steps in caring for their eyes.

National Eye Health Week (23 – 29 September 2019) aims to inspire and educate on the importance of eye health.

Stuart Henty

Stuart Henty, Health Safety and Wellbeing Manager

Did you know that:

  • 2 million people in the UK are living with sight loss that has a significant impact on their daily lives. Half of this sight loss is avoidable.
  • A sight test can detect early signs of conditions like glaucoma, which can be treated if found soon enough.
  • During a sight test, other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure could be detected.

A poor diet, smoking and failing to wear eye protection in bright sunlight have been shown to affect eye health.

It is also important to take regular, short breaks away from your computer screen. By taking your focus off your screen, you are relaxing your eye muscles and ultimately reducing eye fatigue. Staring at a computer screen for a long period of time can lead to a number of health issues, including blurred vision, tired and dry eyes, and headaches. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend booking an eye test.

Are you entitled to a free eye test?

If you use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) or require protective prescription goggles then you are entitled to a Smart Employee Eye care voucher once a year. The voucher entitles you to a free eyesight test at an affiliated optician and a free pair of single vision Video Display Unit (VDU) glasses or safety goggles from the SEE range or a £25 contribution towards a pair of glasses of your choice.

Click here to claim your voucher and find out more

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12 September 2019

Registration for 2019/20 parking is now open

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How to apply

Register your vehicle online.

Unlike in previous years, permits do not automatically roll over so you must re-register in order to have a parking permit for 2019/20.

Please note:

  • You can register a maximum of two vehicles per staff member.
  • Please ensure the vehicle registration is entered correctly with no spaces (a common inputting error is a zero 0 being entered instead of the letter O or vice versa).
  • You can find details of the various parking options in the Fees and payment section of our website.
  • Please make sure you register for parking and adhere to our updated Terms and Conditions.
  • Number plates are checked by our parking enforcement team. If your car isn’t registered the visitor parking rates apply.
  • For all Occasional or General permit holders, parking is pay-on-arrival.
  • All permits for 2018/19 expire on 30 September.
  • Enforcement of non-registered vehicles and non-payment of daily charges will resume Monday 14 October.

Reserved parking spaces

Reserved parking spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve yours register your vehicle online, selecting the ‘reserved permit’ option.

Changes to parking fees for 2019/20

Parking fees for some types of permits have increased slightly. Please see our Fees and payment to find out more.

Rules and regulations

Parking Charge Notices remain at £20. This will be reduced to £10 if the charge is paid within 14 days.

Changes to the rules and regulations for driving, parking and registering vehicles for our Colchester Campus can be found on our staff parking page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Estates Helpdesk on ext. 2959 or email

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