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2 August 2019

Results embargo 9-15 August

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We receive the A-level and BTEC results in advance of applicants, and these results are strictly embargoed until they have been released to applicants.

This year, the results embargo period will be from 2pm on Friday 9 August to 6am on Thursday 15 August 2019.

We receive the results on the Friday, and applicants receive them on the following Thursday.

The embargo covers:

  • Direct communication from the University to an applicant in relation to their actual examination results.
  • Communication of a decision to an applicant that is based on their exam results – for example confirming during the embargo period that an applicant has changed from conditional firm (CF) to unconditional firm (UF), or that they have been offered a place at Essex.
  • Implied communication – for example asking an applicant to apply for accommodation during the embargo period implies that they have received a place. This is incredibly important to note as this is where the majority of breaches occur.

A breach of the embargo could result in a financial penalty, or the University losing its privilege of receiving results prior to applicants, so it’s really important that anyone who may have contact with applicants is aware of it.

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