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9 August 2019

Southend mural raises awareness of modern slavery

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Dr Stephen Jordan of our Centre for Social Work, has worked with SAMS Southend Against Modern Slavery Partnership to create a new mural in Southend highlighting the continued problem of slavery in our society. 

Where is the mural located?

The mural is under the railway bridge on Southend High Street.

Who painted it?

The artist was Nik Vaughn, who has created other murals, and he was also helped by members of Project 49, a community based organisation providing services for adults with learning disabilities, who helped in the painting and preparation.

What is the message the mural would like people to understand?

Sadly slavery did not disappear when it was officially abolished by parliament in 1833. Trafficking is often the means by which people end up in situations of slavery. People are trafficked by force, fraud, coercion or deception with the aim of exploiting them and it is estimated that tens of thousands of people have been trafficked to the UK, as well as vulnerable people, already resident in the UK, who have been exploited and forced to live effectively as slaves. Modern day slavery exists in the form of people who are used for forced labour in industries such as agriculture, construction, hospitality, illegal drug production, nail bars and car washes. Many women and girls are trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Why is it important to raise awareness of modern slavery today?

Modern day slavery is a hidden crime and remains as one of the greatest evils of our time. By raising awareness through campaigns such as ours in Southend can we can start to help people recognise the signs of modern day slavery and reach out to the people who are victims.

What is the connection to the human rights work/social care research of the University?

The University held a conference last year on 12 December as part of our work with the Southend Against Modern Slavery Partnership. Social work has a long and proud history of safeguarding and challenging the abuse of children and vulnerable adults. Modern slavery is an issue of national importance. One example of modern slavery is that children’s care homes have been ‘actively targeted’ to coerce vulnerable children into becoming drug mules or for sexual exploitation. Many children are trafficked into the UK and there are a significant number of British nationals affected by modern slavery.

The project was featured in an article in the Evening Echo

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2 August 2019

Results embargo 9-15 August

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We receive the A-level and BTEC results in advance of applicants, and these results are strictly embargoed until they have been released to applicants.

This year, the results embargo period will be from 2pm on Friday 9 August to 6am on Thursday 15 August 2019.

We receive the results on the Friday, and applicants receive them on the following Thursday.

The embargo covers:

  • Direct communication from the University to an applicant in relation to their actual examination results.
  • Communication of a decision to an applicant that is based on their exam results – for example confirming during the embargo period that an applicant has changed from conditional firm (CF) to unconditional firm (UF), or that they have been offered a place at Essex.
  • Implied communication – for example asking an applicant to apply for accommodation during the embargo period implies that they have received a place. This is incredibly important to note as this is where the majority of breaches occur.

A breach of the embargo could result in a financial penalty, or the University losing its privilege of receiving results prior to applicants, so it’s really important that anyone who may have contact with applicants is aware of it.

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