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26 April 2019

Meet the Reading List Team

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Keziah Gibbs, Hannah Groom and Hannah Pyman.

This week, we met with the Reading List Team to discover how their work is improving the student experience, their love for the library and their quest for the perfect office snack.

So who’s in the ‘Reading List Team’?

We’re a fairly new team and it’s just the three of us.

I’m Hannah Groom, the Core Resources Coordinator. Then, we have another Hannah (Pyman) who is Interlending and Document Delivery Assistant and Keziah Gibbs who is our Senior Library Assistant (Core Resources).

How do you support students?

We ensure that all the module materials required by students are available through the library, in print or online.

Over the last year we have processed 2765 live digitisation requests, with the School of Philosophy and Art History racking up the most, with an impressive 592 scans!

What support can you offer to academic staff?

We provide training and guidance to all academic and support staff in using the reading list system, Talis Aspire. We review all published reading lists, sourcing the materials and ensuring online access where possible.

Tell us something people might not know about pulling together a reading list…

We have to ensure the copyright compliance of all digitised materials.

Now, tell us something we might not know about you?

We love food nearly as much as we love libraries!

Each of us is either studying or has completed a Masters in Library and Information Studies so, when we’re not talking about our courses, you’ll find us discussing our plans for dinner (usually over a mid-morning snack!)

Any big projects coming up?

We’re currently working on the reading lists for next academic year.

The 2018/19 lists have been rolled over to 2019/20 and are ready for academics to edit and submit by Monday 1 July 2019. We then review them before the new students start in October.

How can we get involved in your work?

We need input from staff and students to develop a best practice guide for creating reading lists.

If you have any thoughts on what makes a good reading list, we’d love your feedback. Get in touch at

What project are you most proud of?

When students shared concerns about the availability of core resources in the 2018 National Student Survey, we knew we had to take action to make things better. We increased the number of Talis training sessions for academic staff and reviewed all newly published lists in record-breaking time.

79% of modules now have published reading lists. After this year’s rollover, we’re hoping for 100%!

Need help updating your reading lists by Monday 1 July?

Head to the team’s help pages here.

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