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22 March 2019

Coffee with Cops comes to our Colchester Campus

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PC Sam Geddes is a Police Constable in the Colchester Community Policing Team. We met him to discuss more about our new Coffee with Cops campaign at our Colchester Campus.

Can you tell us more about your role in the police?

The Community Policing Team tackle issues that affect the quality of life for all members of our Colchester community, which includes students and staff at the University. We also run high visibility and plain clothes operations designed to disrupt criminal activity.

Can you tell us more about ‘Coffee with Cops’?

‘Coffee with Cops’ is an excellent initiative that allows Police Constables and Police Community Support Officers to sit down and have a two-way, informal chat with members of the local community about any policing, safety or security concerns that they may have.

It is an opportunity for us to really understand what issues are affecting people and perhaps explore how we can help, or signpost people to other organisations that are best placed to do so. We can also provide information on how to reduce the chances of being a victim or perpetrator of crime.

What type of thing do you want to hear about from our students?

I’m interested in hearing about issues affecting you – how safe do you feel living, working and studying in Colchester? And importantly, what influences that feeling? If we understand your concerns, we might be able to help.

I’m also interested in hearing what people think of the police – and why. There is a great deal of misconception around the police which has led to a disconnect with some members of the community. This opportunity will hopefully break down some of those barriers.

I’d imagine some people, might be nervous about having coffee with a cop

I imagine it can be quite nerve wracking speaking to the police! The most important thing to remember is that, “…the police are the people, and the people are the police.” Basically, we are normal, approachable people. This time last year I was nearing the end of my degree and putting the finishing touches to my dissertation, so I can appreciate the stresses that some students and staff are currently going through, as exam season approaches

What about our staff, is there any way they can get involved?

‘Coffee with Cops’ is an open invitation to staff as well as students, as the campus is home for many people. Staff will have their own perspective which we want to hear – often, staff will have greater oversight of a particular issue, or perhaps will notice the mood changing around Campus. The police are only as effective as the intelligence we are provided, so we are always eager to obtain as much as possible from every available source.

As well as Coffee with Cops, can we expect to see more of you around campus in the future?

Students and staff will likely see a greater police presence on and around campus in the coming months. Resourcing constraints are beginning to lesson on frontline police services, meaning we can get out and about much more regularly. I hope that, in time, we will become familiar faces on campus and staff and students feel comfortable saying hello.

We’ve saved the most important questions for last. What’s your coffee of choice? Flat white, or something with lots of toppings?

A very important question! A flat white would be my first choice, although I am partial to a pumpkin spiced latte.

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