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8 March 2019

New phishing campaign

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The National Cyber Security Centre have advised of an ongoing, widespread phishing attack, with a high success rate which is propagating at speed across the UK.

If you receive an email which contains a green or blue button don’t click the button. Forward the email, as an attachment, to and then delete the email.

Some green and blue buttons

An example of the buttons used in the campaign.











Attack Details

  • A user is sent an email which contains a green or blue button – see samples
  • The e‐mail is usually from a legitimate and known email account
  • Often, the user will have recently exchanged emails with the account
  • The email subject line often mirrors a recent email exchange
  • The malicious email contains either a green or blue button
  • Underneath the button, there may be additional text which changes
  • The user is encouraged to click the green or blue button
  • If the user clicks this button they are redirected to a fake, but highly realistic, login page which asks for your username and password.
  • Accounts have been compromised simply by clicking the link i.e. without entering your username and password.


  • Don’t click the button, or anywhere on the email
  • Forward the email, as an attachment, to
  • Delete the email

If you clicked the button…

Change your password using a different computer i.e. not the one you clicked the button on.

If you need further advice contact the

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