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1 March 2019

Emergency works to Oak T136

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A coronet cut

A coronet cut

We have one of the best regional collections of veteran trees on our Colchester campus. There are oaks of many species, some dating back to planting in the early 1800s. These are all part of a landscape that has become nationally recognised, receiving not only the Green Flag Award twice but also voted in the top 10 of the people’s choice awards for green spaces throughout the UK.

One of the best loved is Veteran Oak 136, located on the grassy bank in front of the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall. Sadly we have found rot in both roots and branch limbs of this ancient tree, making it unsafe.

Richard Fordham Tree Surgeons have now pruned the tree, using natural fracture pruning and coronet cuts to encourage new microhabitats to become established on this magnificent oak.

Natural fracture techniques involve pruning methods that mimic the way that tears and fractured ends naturally occur on trunks and branches. Coronet cuts are used to mimic the jagged edges characteristically seen on broken branches following storm damage or static limb failure.

We will also be doing some repairs to the grass surrounding the oak, which will remain as an important habitat for birds and insects.

Some oaks do sprout back after many years of apparent dormancy and we will be watching carefully this spring to see if there are any green shoots of recovery.

The slope by the Ivor Crewe will be open for recreational use by early April.

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