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11 January 2019

In memory of Dr Gordon Ritchie

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Dr Gordon Ritchie, who first joined the University as a lecturer in our Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, has passed away.

Gordon was born in Pakistan, but grew up in Scotland.  He originally studied Science at the University of St. Andrews and was awarded a First-Class Honours degree in Electronic Physics in 1964.

After leaving St Andrews, Gordon joined the Marconi Company in Chelmsford, then became a lecturer at Marconi College.

In 1967 Gordon registered for a PhD at Essex, under the supervision of Professor John Turner. He became a lecturer here when he joined the Department of Electrical Engineering Science, which later became our School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, in 1969.

Gordon served as Assistant Proctor from 1974 until 1979, and was responsible for discipline at the University during a period when student unrest at Essex was headlined in the papers.  He went on to become Head of Department from 1983 to 1986, and was Dean of Science and Engineering from 1990 to 1993.

Gordon was a keen Daily Telegraph reader and cryptic crossword aficionado. He used to tell how he stopped one of his class  – in the first lecture of the day – from completing the crossword during his lecture by completing it himself over breakfast, and then putting the solution up on the overhead projector. He was also a committed golf player, and many colleagues may recall his commitment to the University Golf Team.

Gordon delivered excellent lectures in the important area of Transistor Circuit Design and wrote a significant book on the subject – the first of a series of 18 for Chapman and Hall publishers.  The book has run to three editions and is the best seller in the series.

Gordon’s commitment to the University continued for over 30 years until the year 2000, when he retired to York.

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