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21 December 2018

8500 is the magic number

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IT Services Southend is launching a new priority  number  – 8500 – to report lecture room AV/IT faults. Matt Softly, IT Manager Southend and Loughton,  explains how it will work.

IT Southend  has  been exploring a number of improvements that can help us all increase the reliability of lecture rooms, reducing the potential negative impact on teaching time and student experience.

As a result, in time for the new term, we are launching a new direct line on 8500 to triage and prioritise lecture room AV/IT faults over and above all other calls.

This will be supported by new technology that allows members of our team to have requests pushed to them wherever they are on our Campus. Between 8.45am and 5pm this number will ring continuously until it is answered. All members of IT Services Southend staff are expected to answer as a priority.

Other measures that are being introduced include

  • We have installed a lecture room AV/IT status monitor in our Info Point office, so the team can proactively monitor the lecture room AV/IT throughout the day and can more easily see that a device is not functioning as expected – even before teaching is scheduled.
  • We receive a ListenAgain status report in the early hours of the morning identifying potential issues.
  • We also run a full diagnostics test in all teaching rooms before the start of each term, so we can be sure all rooms are operating as we would expect.

How you can help

To maximise the time that we have available to troubleshoot lecture room AV/IT faults should they arise and minimise disruption to teaching, we would encourage teaching staff to arrive at lecture rooms 10 minutes before the lesson start time.

You can use this time to check that the lecture room AV/IT starts up/logs on as expected, reporting any issues on 8500 as quickly as possible means that we can get to you and resolve the problem before it impacts on teaching time and student experience.

Best practice for teaching staff would be to test all aspects of the AV/IT that you’ll be using before the teaching session begins, including audio and any additional technology such as laptop/voting handsets. If a fault is discovered during teaching, but you’re able to work around it, please remember to report this to us on 8500 after the lesson so that we can ensure that the AV/IT is working for the next teaching event.

To prevent interruption to future teaching events, and to help reduce the University’s carbon footprint, please ensure that the lecture room AV is shut down, using the lectern touch-panel, and   that you have logged off of the lecture room PC, but left it on. A large number of interruptions to the start of teaching events are caused by the AV being left on, or the PC having been switched off from the previous event.


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