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4 December 2018

Payments Supervisor Beverley retires after 43 years at Essex

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Beverley Smith

Beverley Smith

Beverley Smith has retired after 43 years in the Finance Section at Essex.

Back when the Payments Office was on the first floor of Wivenhoe House in 1975, Beverley joined the section as a clerical assistant, where she remembers using manual typewriters for cheques and ticking off bank statements, as well as walking down to the main campus when she needed to deliver documents.

“When I first came here, everything was manual,” she remembered. “We had telephones but we didn’t have any emails, we didn’t have any computers on our desks. If we needed to see somebody in the squares we used to walk down from Wivenhoe House. It was all very different.”

During the 43 years working here, Beverley had to adapt to four different finance systems, saw the university change and even met the Queen when she visited the University in 1985. Although many things have transformed across the years, she said the University had remained the same lovely environment and the new buildings “haven’t spoiled the beautiful grounds”, but given even more space for the students and staff numbers to grow alongside the University.

Looking back on her career at Essex she advised anyone who had just started working here to make the most of it.

“I have really enjoyed my time here and worked with some lovely people,” she added. “I wish the University and my friends and colleagues all the very best for the future.”

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