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12 October 2018

Paperless – Coming to a Committee Near You

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Karen Bowlby from our Governance team tells us more about the Paperless Committees project, which is now underway, and which will be going live this academic year.

Since 2016, SharePoint sites have been developed for a variety of committees across campus. These committees have served as the preliminary test subjects for the paperless committees system the Governance team will be rolling out across Essex over the next academic year.

Utilising our newly acquired Box (a cloud based document storage and collaboration system similar to Dropbox) licence along with the standard that has been tested and approved for committee SharePoint sites, each committee will be moving to paperless operations by the end of this academic year.

Besides the obvious benefit of reducing costs associated with the production and distribution of committee papers, adopting the paperless operations of committees will see

  • an increased efficiency in the creation, amendment, storage, distribution and destruction of committee papers
  • there will no longer be the requirement to add blank pages for seamless printing, and the days of putting hundreds of papers together in neat packs for committee members will be a distant memory that will join the likes of the Rolodex, or the ink blotter
  • External committee members will share the benefit of an improved ease of access to review papers
  • both committee members and secretaries alike will benefit from improved information security as papers will be accessed via links requiring passwords rather than being mailed out in their entirety to personal email addresses or in hard copies via the post

Staff involved with committees will be contacted for an initial consultation by the Paperless Committees’ project manager in the coming months. Following this consultation, a SharePoint site will be developed according to your committee’s specification and a plan laid out for as seamless a transition as possible.

For more information, please contact the Governance team at

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