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4 October 2018

New online system for extenuating circumstances and late submission

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A new online system is being launched that will digitise extenuating circumstances and late submission claims. Here, project manager Kevin Delves tells us more about the project and the benefits of new system.

Tell us, briefly, how this new system/approach has come about. What problem was it setting out to tackle?

We wanted to make the experience as easy as possible for students – modernising the process by moving from a paper form that needs to be handed in to an online form. We also had feedback from colleagues that processing extenuating circumstances claims at the busy exam board time was a real pressure point. We developed the idea for the system through consultation with the Students’ Union and with colleagues.

When will the new system go live?

Monday 15 October.

Where can students access it?

Via My Essex, Faser, and the University of Essex Website.

Where can staff access it?

In the first phase staff will be notified of Extenuating Circumstances and Late Submission claims via email to a central inbox that is department specific. In subsequent phases of the project, which will be delivered during this academic year, we will enhance the staff screens with additional functionality to support the management of claims.

What are the main changes?

The main change for students is the ability to complete the form online and submit supporting evidence as part of the same application. The online system has also combined Extenuating Circumstances with Late Submission so that it is now one form for both claims.  The system will also improve communication with students about progress with their claim.

What are the benefits to students?

Ease of use and more convenient and better communication throughout the process.

What are the benefits to staff?

Improved consistency in the management of claims, reduction in the number of claim submissions mislaid/misfiled, reduction in administrative time to manage the process, reduction in time and costs associated with a paper based process, and better information on the understanding of issues affecting students.

For anyone who doesn’t know, what are: “Extenuating Circumstances?” and how do they differ from “Late Submissions”?

Extenuating circumstances are circumstances beyond your control which have an impact on your assessed work. Extenuating circumstances can fall into the following categories:

  • Circumstances which cause you to perform less well in the assessment
  • Circumstances which cause you to miss an assessment event or not to submit an assessment

The University has a specific policy and guidance on Late Submission:

  • Circumstances where you are unable to submit coursework by the deadline or to attend a summative assessment event
  • Circumstances which mean you need extra time to submit a dissertation (taught postgraduate students only)

In general, extenuating circumstances will be of a medical or personal nature affecting you for any significant period of time and/or on the day of the assessment event, or immediately preceding the time of the deadline.

How will streamlining the process save time and improve the experience?

The solution is aiming to enhance the student experience of submitting a claim by making it easier to use, and ensuring communication at all stages. It will also support staff in the more effective management and processing of claims by reducing inefficiencies in the paper process by moving it online.

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