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6 June 2018

Enter our data analysis competition for your chance to win £200

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UKDA logoHave you used data for secondary analysis in your final year project or dissertation at Essex? We’re offering a prize for your research!

We’re looking for research that highlights social and economic issues and also showcases an interesting re-use of quantitative or qualitative data, available through the UK Data Archive.

The Essex Secondary Data Analysis Award is open to each level of study including undergraduate, Masters and PhD. A panel of lecturers and researchers across the Faculty of Social Sciences will judge the entries.

The winning candidate from each level of study will receive a prize of £200 in Amazon vouchers. Through the UK Data Archive at Essex, the winners will also get to showcase their quantitative and qualitative skills to the wider academic community, plus potential employers such as The Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK.

The winning entries and their key findings will be publicised in Essex Weekly and on the Essex website (if the winning students and their supervisors give permission).

How to enter

You’ll need to  submit an executive summary (two A4 pages maximum) outlining your research question, data used, methodology, results and example of your evidence such as table, graph or excerpt from interview transcript of your course work to the UK Data Archive.

Before you submit, please check for completeness and clarity of any graphs and illustrations, and accurate data citation

The deadline is 16 September 2018

We’ll contact shortlisted candidates by the end of September, and ask you to submit an electronic copy of your full work. Then we’ll announce the winners in October.

Terms and Conditions

The competition is open to any Essex students who have used quantitative or qualitative data available through the UK Data Archive in their research. This can include mixed methods approaches if one of the data sources is available from the UK Data Archive. Work submitted that does not use data from the UK Data Archive will be disqualified.

This competition is open to any undergraduate, Masters or PhD student enrolled at the University of Essex in any discipline for third year projects or dissertations on social and economic issues. Essex alumni or staff currently working at Essex who submitted dissertations in the last two years can enter. Entries can be submitted either by individuals or by department and schools.

By entering the competition, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete. The UK Data Archive reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all entrants.

For further details please contact the UK Data Archive.

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New recruit to the cast of East 15 Acting School at Southend

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Welcome to Emma Young who has joined East 15 Acting School at the Southend Campus as Academic and Operations Administrator.

Emma Young

Where did you work before? 

I was working at the National Autistic Society in Angel, central London.  I am originally from Essex and moved to Leigh-on-Sea in January. A friend pointed out this job opportunity as she knew I loved theatre and I went for it.

What do you do in your current role?

My days are really varied. I am currently collating the exam marks, take care of timetabling, absenteeism and manage the diary of our Director Chris Main.

Are you enjoying your job?

This is perfect for me,  everyone has made me feel at ease. I am enjoying the atmosphere and the buzz. It is great because I am constantly busy, there are always things to get on with.

Have you seen any productions yet?

No, but I can’t wait to see them. It is lovely to have such a fantastic  theatre so close to home.

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4 June 2018

Tribute to Janet Noyes

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Janet Noyes

Janet Noyes

Janet Noyes first joined the University of Essex in 1964 and soon became busy helping to set up the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (ESE). In Janet’s case ‘helping’ can be taken to mean ‘leading’ and in 1972 she became the Executive Officer for the Department. Despite her work commitments in the early years she also found time to regularly enjoy playing tennis with a colleague on the courts, that were at that time, by Wivenhoe House.

The first, and subsequent heads of department, relied on Janet and in the early days Janet often made decisions that would now be taken by a head of department. In all Janet led the Department through 12 heads of department.

Janet was efficient, clear and organised. One past student of ESE noted how he and his “feckless fellow students”, were fond of Janet and her efficient way of organising them. Other past students and colleagues, “held her in high esteem”. One current member of the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering kindly remembered, as a probationary member of staff, how Janet “explained how this place worked to me’. Another Professor remembers how Janet would provide carefully prepared documentation for meetings, including briefing notes highlighting the important matters to be emphasised at the meeting. Janet reflected an earlier, no-nonsense time.

When Janet first joined the University, she lived with her parents and their Boxer dog. After her parents had passed away, Janet’s family became her colleagues, her friends outside work, and her animals. Janet had a love for animals, and on retirement acquired cats, of course in modest numbers, never having more than three. Janet loved her cats, and their personalities. She treated all living things as if they were human, the cats often being chastised for chasing birds in her beloved garden. Janet spent many hours in her garden on retirement and her efforts created a splendid place, admired by her friends. Summer would always involve friends being entertained in the summer house, with Janet delivering tea, and her homemade cake from the house. Her cakes were only one element of her culinary skills. She also regularly made marmalade and her own Christmas cake each year, to complete a pheasant Christmas dinner taken with her cats. All completed in time for the Queen at 3pm.

In her spare time Janet helped, several days a week, at the Hospice Bookshop. She enjoyed the atmosphere there, and it brought her company and closeness to books. In her last few years, health issues kept her close to Frinton. She did, however, find time and energy, to attend the monthly Arts Society lectures in Colchester, always rushing away afterwards to tend to her companion cats.

Janet died on May 1 after slipping into a coma after a stroke. Former Essex colleagues stayed in contact with her and just the day before her death she had been visited by two dear colleagues from ESE. Everyone who knew Janet will remember her with great affection. As a retirement gift her colleagues made her a quilt with every member of the ESE Department contributing to the project as a mark of their appreciation. Janet was a true English lady.

Janet’s funeral took place on Tuesday 5 June 2018.

This tribute to Janet was prepared by her friends and colleagues from the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.

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1 June 2018

Being an Essex Intern changed my life – let it change yours too!

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Recent graduate, Mihaela Popova, reflects on her time as an Essex Intern

Recent graduate, Mihaela Popova, reflects on her time as an Essex Intern

My name is Mihaela and I am just about to finish my internship as an Executive Support Project Officer in the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar’s Office (VCRO). I graduated from the University in 2017 with a BA in International Relations. During my years at Essex, I worked close to full time to support myself, so I didn’t really take part in many extracurricular activities, such as volunteering, and my CV was a bit bare. I knew that, in order to get a rewarding job, I needed to gain more experience, so I decided to sign up for Essex Interns. And what can I say, to this day, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I was receiving emails about different internships from Essex Interns almost every day and there was a wide variety of opportunities to choose from. However, I didn’t want to apply for just anything, I wanted to apply for an internship I felt I was right for. I waited for a while and then I received an email about a research orientated internship in the VCRO. When I read the job description, I knew I was perfect for the job. I put a lot of effort into my cover letter and I contacted the Employability and Careers Centre to review it. The staff were amazing and provided support and guidance throughout my application. Still, I read it over and over again and submitted it at the very last minute (typical). I was quickly invited to interview, and got the internship! I was so happy, I knew I was perfect for the job and was glad that the panel thought so too.

I started the role in November on a four month contract and immediately felt like a part of the team. I was extremely grateful for having a chance to work in the Executive Office of the University. Looking back now, I am even more grateful to my amazing manager who trusted me with so many different tasks. She gave me support through the completion of my assignments and even arranged for me to meet members of staff working in the areas I was interested in. She was always providing me with different development opportunities, which is really the point of Essex Interns.

Although the internship was mostly research orientated, there was so much more to it – I helped with events management, focus groups, I set up a survey, created the University organisation structure chart, selected artwork, supervised students, and so much more. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy but it was rewarding. I worked really hard and got offered an extension to my contract… twice! I was so happy, I felt that my hard work was being recognised and appreciated – I had never felt that way before.

Now we’re approaching the end of my internship and I can honestly say that these last seven months have been incredible. I have learnt so much and I don’t even know how to explain how much I will miss the time I’ve spent in the VCRO. I met amazing people, inside and out of the office. I was able to attend meetings and talk to senior members of staff which has made me confident and improved my communication skills dramatically. I used to be this shy girl with the empty CV and now I am a confident young woman with a great set of skills. I will be forever grateful to everyone in the VCRO, especially my manager who supported me from day one. My experience was outstanding and I’m really sad that it’s coming to an end but it’s time to start the next chapter.

I strongly advise graduates to pursue intern opportunities because they really are a once in a lifetime experience which will open a lot of doors. As an intern, you will meet professionals around the University and you’ll build connections and networks which will benefit you in the future. All internships are different but they will teach you the same thing – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or graduate, the University will help you achieve your goals, you just need to let it.

One last word of advice from me: if you’re in your final year, make sure you seek the help of the Employability & Careers team and Essex Interns. I have them to thank for everything!


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