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26 June 2018

Why wouldn’t you donate your pennies?

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We spoke to Katherine Powis from our Research and Enterprise Office to find out  more about our popular Donate Your Pennies scheme and what inspired her to sign up to the scheme.

Katherine Powis

Katherine Powis

What inspired you to sign up to Donate your Pennies?:

As someone who remembers what it was like to be a mature post-graduate student and see my own daughters through their university education, I am very aware of the financial constraints that add to the other pressures on studying at university. Later, when teaching, I was often impressed by the perseverance and resourcefulness of the students I encountered. Now, although I work in professional services and therefore am no longer directly involved with students, I still want to offer something as a token of solidarity with them.

Why do you think supporting education is important and what impact do you hope your contribution can make?:

Education is a life changer. It changed my life and if my pennies can help towards changing the lives of others for the better, why wouldn’t I?

 What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the initiative?:

Why wouldn’t you?

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