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8 June 2018

Rethinking waste

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Recycle today, for a better tomorrowAround 1,100 tonnes of waste is produced across the University every year, equating to around 73kgs per person. All that material has to go somewhere, and while very little of it actually goes to landfill, we want to encourage you to rethink waste and be a part of the effort to reduce the University’s impact on the environment.


Waste, on the whole, isn’t actually waste at all, it’s simply material that could potentially be reused or recycled. The basics like paper, card, glass, cans and plastic bottles/containers can be remade into new products to make the most of these resources. We have a target to reach a 60% recycling rate on campus, but obviously we need your help to do that. Separating recyclables from general waste ensures that those materials are easily treated, but it’s more cost efficient too.

Save paper and cardboard

While recycling is important, not creating waste in the first place is actually the most environmentally responsible thing you can do. Think about a takeaway coffee cup, for example. It takes resources and energy to make that cup, transport it to campus, and then dispose of it. By using a reusable cup you are cutting out those steps – and what’s more, you get 10p off every hot drink when you take yours to any outlet on campus. That means more money to spend on fun things.

Reduce plastic

Plastic pollution became big news after it was featured on the BBC’s Blue Planet. You can do your bit by making small changes to your habits. Tap water in the UK is safe to drink, and we have been making it easier for you to get free, chilled, filtered water to refill a bottle, with over 45 fountains in communal areas and departments across campus.


Finally, there’s the bigger stuff too. Small ads is a popular way for staff and students to rehome items they no longer need, and Accommodation run a No Waste Graduation scheme with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) which has so far raised £42,000 for BHF and prevents lots of useful items going to waste. There is a BHF collection bank opposite Eddington Tower all year round, with extra banks installed when students are moving out for the summer.

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