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6 June 2018

The Essex Women’s Network hosts its first Menopause forum

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As The Essex Women’s Network prepares for its first forum on the menopause on Thursday 14 June, Lecturer in EAP and History Fiona Elsted looks at the momentum behind this event.

‘Personal experience of the impactful nature of menopause coupled with my surprise at the silence which appears to surround this issue in the workplace in particular, recently led me to ask colleagues in the Essex Women’s Network how they felt about it all. The answer was clear: there was a real appetite for discussing all things menopause and urgently at that. And so The M Festival was created!

For our former Chancellor, Shami Chakrabarti, menopause is:

“[a] moment in female development that is too little discussed  and is fraught with both physical and psychological challenges that too many women must face with insufficient medical, social and emotional support.

We aren’t taught about it in school, our mothers maintain the conspiracy of silence and even female friends and colleagues who could make such a difference with their shared experience, understanding and empathy, are slow to talk about this completely natural transition in a woman’s life. There is so much discussion, debate, advice and solidarity around reproduction itself. Why may not some of the same energy, advice and adjustment be offered to women who have themselves so much still to offer?”

To be held in Senate Room 4.722 Square 1, starting at 12.30pm this half day event will aim to demonstrate that actually when given half the chance, we at Essex are not at all ‘slow to talk about’ menopause. In fact, we’ve got lots to say and this is just the forum in which to express it.

Professor Jo Brewis

Three key speakers will be at the festival. Professor  Jo Brewis,  co-author of the 2017 government report ‘The effects of menopause transition on women’s economic participation in the UK’, will be talking at 12.45pm, Dr Tracey Loughran from the Department of History will be speaking at 2.15pm and at 3pm writer Sue Dawes will be running a workshop.

Come and join us. You’re very welcome to drop in when you can and please contact me  for more details.’

One response to “The Essex Women’s Network hosts its first Menopause forum”

  1. margaret smith says:

    this is so long overdue – excellent that there is something for ladies/women to go along to and hear about others feelings/comments/awareness of this subject.

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