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8 May 2018

Children enjoy space to explore

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The new outdoor spaces at Wivenhoe Park Day Nursery are proving exceptionally popular with the children, who are able to head outside, whatever the weather.

Nursery garden 2 weekly

Nursery Manager Heleanna Phair said: “The garden was a blank canvas and we wanted to create spaces that met the needs of all our children, particularly the active learners.

“We worked very closely with the designers at a Sheffield based company, Play garden, to create different spaces that would encourage the children to be creative in their play.

“Both Essex County Council and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents have come to see our outdoor environments and they are very impressed.”

Plenty to do

The result is three different gardens for different age groups that  include massive wet and dry sandpits, with a pebble play stream,  tyre swings, gravel pit,  different surfaces and of course, plenty of shade.

Forest schools teacher Sarah Gunn has worked with the children to create and nurture an allotment, nature garden and pond.

The next stage is to add some animals into the mix.  Heleanna said: ““We are getting some rabbits, guinea pigs and some chicken eggs which will hatch into our own hens. This will  help the children embrace the real world and encourage their caring natures to blossom.”

See more photos of the children enjoying the outdoor space

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