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13 March 2018

Southend start for new lecturer in tourism

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Dr Wei Liu has joined the Essex Business School as a lecturer in tourism, focussing on the principles of marketing.

Wei Liu weekly

Wei is particularly interested in dark tourism, where people travel to destinations associated with death, such as concentration camps and Grenfell Tower. She recently presented her  paper ‘Chinese Tourists’ Perceived Value in Dark Tourism Consumption Experience’ at the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research conference in Amsterdam.

She said: “It transpires there are different reasons why people want to go to these destinations. Some visitors want to see the scene and be educated, others are rubbernecking and still more go to help.

“Dark tourism can also bring benefits by helping an area recover economically.”

After gaining her bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2004 at Jilin University, China, Wei started her career as a project assistant to carry out a modern distance education project for rural primary and secondary schools in Hubei province, led by China’s Ministries of Finance, Education and National Development & Reform Commission.

She then was employed as an executive secretary to the chairman of China Chamber of Commerce for Petroleum Industry, ACFIC .

After she came back to academia, she received her master’s degree in Tourism Management at the University of Surrey in 2009, where she continued as a researcher and obtained her PhD in Tourism Management in 2017.

She also worked as a part-time research assistant on the project of British tourist satisfaction assessment funded by China National Tourist Office during the final stage of her PhD study.

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