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2 February 2018

Web staff profiles – update

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Thank you all for your engagement with our new staff profiles on the web.

We realise that there have been a number of initial problems and are working hard behind the scenes with our external developer to solve them. Although testing was carried out in advance of launch, some of the problems were not showing in the test environment so only came to light once the site went live.

Departmental pages

When we went live, our department pages were not presenting staff structures. We have fixed this problem and all department pages should now be displaying both academic and support members of staff correctly. We are now working to ensure PGR students are presented too, and we will continue to improve these pages.

If you are still having problems with your department page, please email

Staff profiles

In order for your staff profile to display correctly on the website, please ensure that you have updated your profile information in our RIS system or using the Staff Profile Builder, if you are a member of Professional Services.

Academic staff web profiles are fed by the information included in the RIS; so please check your RIS information is up-to-date and includes everything you want to display.

Our Web Team worked closely with the faculties in advance of go-live to clean up profiles and prevent messy profiles being published. However, a number have still been published.

Please go back and have a look at yours to make sure it is tidy, and displaying all your information correctly.

Formatting issues

Cutting and pasting from other websites can mean that incompatible source formatting is also copied which can prevent your profile from displaying properly.

Please avoid cutting and pasting if you can and always preview your profile to ensure it is displaying properly. This will give you the chance to see and rectify any display problems yourself.

Thank you all for your time and effort in helping us get this right. It is a work in progress and we do value your feedback.

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