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9 January 2018

On the move

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I know it hardly seems a minute since you were moving your student into university accommodation, but I’m afraid it’s already time to start looking at rental options for year two!

The subject may have been broached over the winter holidays and there are lots of different alternatives available, so there is still time to take advice and gather some research on what is the best path for your student.

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There’s plenty of choice in Colchester and Southend and students can stay on at University Square in Southend if they prefer to be close at hand. The Students’ Union has its own SU Lets office on the Colchester Campus which offers valuable support.

The first job at hand is to find people to share flats or houses with and you could pose some valuable questions to your student.

  • Are you looking for fellow clean beans or party pals?
  • Are you happy with one bathroom between you or do you like your own privacy?
  • Is speedy wifi a must?
  • Have you checked you are all thinking of the same sort of budget?
  • Do you need parking or are you happy to walk to Campus every day?

In my daughter’s case she opted for a flat run by a privately managed company which specialises in student accommodation. It was a simple three bedroom flat with one bathroom but worked ideally for her and her friends who shared it for the next two years.

It was easy to keep clean and just a 20 minute walk from Campus and a short stroll (or cheap taxi!) from a big supermarket. Any problems were dealt with quickly and the deposit was small and returned promptly at the end of the contract.

The other advantage to staying there for two years was we could leave stuff there securely over the summer and I didn’t have a house full of uni paraphernalia which had to be lugged to and fro.

I suppose it was really an extension of campus life so doesn’t suit everyone if you want a bit more freedom and your own front door. Also a year down the line and looking to fly the nest, she is concerned she has no experience of coping with  household bills.

If your student is keen to remain on campus, they can apply to be a member of the Residence Life team. Living in student accommodation, their (paid!) role is to help build a community spirit among the first year undergraduates by organising fantastic events and inspiring everyone to work as a supportive group.

It’s a brilliant experience to have on a CV and can be very rewarding. While Residence Life team members pay the standard price for their accommodation, they can make a substantial dent in the cost through this role.

As you can see there are plenty of options and it is definitely worth doing a bit of research rather than plunging ahead with the first idea that comes up, it will be home for the next year after all.

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