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5 January 2018

Our students are all heart

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Furniture and electrical items worth more than £1100 were among the amazing goods donated by our students as part of the annual British Heart Foundation Pack for Good collection.

BHF 2017 Weekly

In the third year of this clear out campaign, students in our accommodation were encouraged to hand over items they didn’t want to squeeze into their packing when they left at the end of the summer term 2017.

In advance of the vacation, Accommodation Essex alerted all the students who live on campus and arranged for a mixture of donation boxes and clothing banks, giving students a total of 16 easily accessible points.

In 2015 when we first signed up to the nationwide scheme, 1,000 bags were collected. This year 2,843 bags were picked up at Colchester and 371 bags  in Southend.

Angie Flynn, deputy head Accommodation (operations) said: “These were fabulous results and this process definitely works both for our students and the operational clearing of the rooms, hopefully onwards and upwards in 2018!”.

Based on an estimated £14 bag value, the British Heart Foundation puts the total raised in cash terms at nearly £44,000, up from about £35,000 in 2016, helping to fund a range of projects, including research into fighting heart disease, defibrillators and heart support groups.

The scheme also means that the equivalent of 24.3 tonnes of items were diverted from landfill, instead being sold through the extensive network of BHF shops which sell 90,000 items every day.

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