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10 November 2017

Meet the Essex Business School team in Southend

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There’s a new structure to the Essex Business School Academic Services team at Southend. Manager Emma Aldridge explains the changes.

The growing numbers of EBS Southend academic staff (which includes more senior level posts) has meant that the level of support needed to assist them has increased. This is particularly the case regarding support for research activities within the MSE group.

Additionally, changes in the organisation of recruitment and induction activities for students, including the introduction of Applicant Days and a bespoke Southend Welcome Week, has meant that the team requires a dedicated post to deliver non-academic services activities.

To meet this demand  we now have a Southend Manager providing senior level leadership and management to the Team and allowing for independent decision making and work planning that is necessary as EBS Southend grows.  The new post Academic Officer/Deputy Manager has been created to provide a clear hierarchy within the team.

EBS team photo daily

Left to right: Liz Frazer, Emma Aldridge, Alex Nicholas, George Goldhawk, Daniela Ivanova, Elaine Beattie and Deborah McColgan.

Can you please introduce the team?

Emma Aldridge – Southend EBS Manager

Alex Nicholas – Academic Officer/Deputy Manager

George Goldhawk – Academic Administrator

Deborah McColgan – Student Services Administrator

Liz Frazer – Student Services Administrator

Elaine Beattie – Operations Assistant

Daniela Ivanova – Project Worker

Aideen Sadler – Faculty Employability Officer

Are there any new team members?

George Goldhawk – Academic Administrator

How did Welcome Week go?

Welcome Week was a great success with departmental events involving all academic and Professional Services staff.  Students enjoyed taking part in various activities, particularly the ones where there were cupcakes! 

What have you got planned for this term?

More than 60 students have signed up for Career Insights, put together by Daniela, our Project Worker and Aideen,  our Employability Officer.

Various local employers will be in attendance providing an insight into their career path and achievements.

Daniela is also sorting out Christmas events for the undergraduates and postgraduates.

Does anyone in the team have any hidden talents?

Our Operations Assistant Elaine Beattie is a qualified day skipper and about to be Lady Captain at Ballards Gore Golf Club!

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