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5 October 2017

Wivenhoe House brasserie reveals new look

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The brasserie and bar design at Wivenhoe House is to be refreshed, giving it a more relaxed, informal feel.

Managed by Elmstead Market’s commercial interior design company, Harp Interiors, the project was commissioned by the hotel’s general manager Oliver Brown to reflect an update to the brasserie menu by Head Chef Simon Morris, who is bringing a taste of France to the popular restaurant.

Oliver Brown said: “The brief was to refresh the brasserie, giving it a more relaxed, informal feel and creating a more distinct bar area where single diners could choose to eat their meals in comfort and restaurant goers could enjoy pre-dinner drinks before taking their seats.”

The area will be shut for Monday to Friday, 30 October until 3 November, while work goes on, a restaurant, where a full menu will be served,  will be set up in the main house during this short period.

The final design is based on ideas first imagined by Edge Hotel School students who work in Wivenhoe House as part of their hotel management degree course through the University of Essex.

They were guided through the process by recent Edge Hotel School graduate Ellie Rutherford who now works for Harp Interiors, which specialises in hospitality sector designs, under the watchful eye of business owner Hayley Roy.

Every year Hayley comes into Edge Hotel School to talk about interior design in hotels and restaurants and this time last year, Ellie approached her for work experience. It all went so well that soon after finishing her degree last December, she started work there as an intern.

Now, just 12 months after first meeting Hayley, Ellie is back at Wivenhoe House overseeing the brasserie’s transformation.

She said: “I am really happy about doing this, I really enjoyed my degree and it’s a great feeling to be back, helping the students and the hotel.

“The brasserie and bar area is going to feel like a completely different space. It will be more informal and if you are staying in Wivenhoe House on your own, you will feel comfortable about wandering in for a drink and enjoying a meal.”

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