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5 September 2017

Here to serve

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The Interserve team is now in charge of facilities management at the Southend Campus.

Interserve, which provides support services to businesses all over the world, is also working at the Loughton Campus and Knowledge Gateway, the research and technology park at the Colchester Campus.

Nigel Bradbrook, facilities management supervisor, Richard Stephenson, account manager and Agnes Warchol, contract manager, explained how they are here to help.

What parts of the campus are you responsible for?

Nigel: “The Interserve team will be looking after The Gateway Building, Clifftown and University Square, including cleaning, grounds maintenance and security as well as electrical, water and mechanical services. We all work together and muck in when necessary.

“You will still see the CBRE staff in The Forum, which is covered by a separate partnership contract with Southend Borough Council and South Essex College.”

Richard added: ”Interserve has a one team approach focused in making the customer and student experience as positive as possible by taking responsibility  for delivering excellent customer service.”

How many employees do you have in Southend?

Nigel: “We have 17 cleaners in The Gateway Building and Clifftown. We also have a Security Manager with eight security officers as well as three on-site engineers. ”

Richard: “Security officers are on duty at University Square 24/7 and others are available at The Gateway Building and Clifftown until late each evening.”

What is your role?

Agnes: “I man the helpdesk and liaise with contractors. There’s something different happening every day here, so I am kept busy.”

Richard: “I manage the contract and  liaise with the University, but day to day we all work together and help each other out.”

Nigel: “I’m involved in all sorts of different tasks each day. I’m an electrician by trade but I have to say that this job is more varied.”

How does the cleaning rota work?

Nigel said: “The cleaning team do most of their work between 6.00 am and 8.30 am. We then have a couple of housekeepers here during the day and then a couple of additional cleaners during the evening.”

Do you have any advice for University of Essex staff?

Agnes: “Yes, the normal room temperature should be 19-21 degrees, if the temperature is higher or lower than please report it via Planet FM.  and please use the recycling bins around the campus and encourage students to do so.”

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