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5 September 2017

5 reasons to cycle to work

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I live in Highwoods (four miles from our Colchester Campus) and have been cycling in since I started working at Essex a few years ago. Cycling isn’t an option for everyone of course, but if it’s ever crossed your mind, here are some reasons to consider it again…

5 reasons to cycle to work

  1. Save money– I’ve saved £483 so far in petrol and parking charges that I would have paid on the days I’ve cycled to work.
  2. Eat more biscuits– I burn 250 calories on the round trip. That’s five Maryland cookies, six jaffa cakes or seven rich teas. Or half a pie from the bus.
  3. University facilities– The univeristy is pretty good when it comes to supporting cycling. There’s plenty of cycle parking, plus changing rooms with showers down on Floor 3 under the Extra Store.
  4. It’s safer than you think– Once you start exploring, Colchester has a pretty decent network of cycle paths. I can get all the way from my house to the campus without having to cycle on the road at all.
  5. No more rush hour road rage – You’ll cycle as fast as you can. There’s no-one holding you up and no traffic jams!
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Sarah Allen cycling on the beach








And the reasons not to sometimes

I don’t cycle every day. I drive when I’m doing the Tesco shop on the way home. I drive when it’s too cold. Or too wet. Or too windy. Or too hot. You don’t have to cycle every day – you can just do it on the days it works for you. Anything’s better than nothing!

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