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2 August 2017

Meet our Transport Policy Manager

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We spoke to Charlotte Humphries, the Transport Policy Manager at our Colchester Campus, to find out more about her work here at Essex.

An image of Charlotte Humphries

Charlotte Humphries

What are the main responsibilities of your role?

My role is to promote sustainable transport options and create policies that encourage people to travel to campus using sustainable transport where possible.

How many members of your team are there?

Although it’s only me that’s directly responsible for travel, I work with people from across the university from other Estate Management Teams, various focus and action groups, external organisations and the Students Union. Getting to campus effects everyone, so I try to engage with as many people as possible so I can ensure we have measures in place to enable people to make informed choices about how they get here.

How did you get into your current role?

I have worked in transport for over 30 years in one guise or another. I worked as a Travel Agent when I left school, then left to join to the railway where I stayed until I started in Travel Planning at Southend Hospital in 2006. Two years later, I moved to Essex County Council, where I worked as their Sustainable School Travel Manager. I was responsible for the delivery of the Sustainable Modes of Transport Strategy for Essex. I enjoy working within sustainability, as each day makes an impact to the world we live in.

So, how do you travel to campus?

Last July I took my car off the road and have been walking, cycling or catching the bus to work each day. I live 4km or 2 buses (each way) from campus, so with a little planning, I have not only saved money I have found time to become level 23 at Pokémon and I also like to geocache as I walk about!

What achievements are you most proud of?

Since starting at the University, I have received 20 transport related awards on behalf of the University for our Travel Plan measures and achievements and have secured over £100k of external funding for sustainable transport projects.

I am very pleased that the University has recently been awarded a Gold Travel Award by Essex County Council’s Sustainable Travel Team. The criteria for the award is very high and to achieve it I had to evidence the 59 measures that I use to promote sustainable transport at the University, like discounted bus tickets, our cycle maintenance service and car share scheme.

I am also tremendously proud of our Arrivals Day airport coach transfer service, which I have run for the past 4 years. With the help of our Student Ambassadors and EMS staff I have been able to personally welcome over 1400 international students to the UK and the University of Essex.

Why is travel planning so important?

If you use our car parks you’ll know that some days it can be hard to find a parking bay. Travel planning is essential for managing demand and helps us identify how we can make things easier for everyone coming to campus. It also helps us remove barriers to active and sustainable travel choices, so more people can get here without hopping in their car.

What other developments are currently happening on campus?

Well, we have a new cycle park under podia and which is located beneath Art Exchange, under square 5. Estate Management is continually developing sustainable travel measures to improve accessibility.

What is your top tip for working at the University?

If in doubt, ask. Someone will know the answer or at least give you some ideas.


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