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12 July 2017

Meet the Postal Services team

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Our Postal Services team, based at our Colchester Campus, are responsible for everything that arrives and leaves via the post. We spoke to Postal Services Manager, Bev Purslow, to find out more about the team and their work.

What are the main responsibilities of your role?

An image of Bev Purslow

Bev Purslow, Postal Services Manager

I manage a team of five people in the execution of all things postal related. That covers the arrival of our mail through Royal Mail in the morning and other items which arrive via couriers through-out the day. We hold the postal budget for Colchester, Loughton and Southend and we work closely with departments on how best to send out mail to reduce postage costs.

Who are the different members of your team

An image of our Postal Services team

Our Postal Services team

There are two Postal Assistants, Karen and Lorraine. They sort the mail and contact students to come and collect things that need to be signed for or that are too large to send up to their accommodation. They also take in courier items for students and departments serve at the student counter and sort and re-address returned mail from student accommodation. Lorraine also does the franking of items which are being sent out by departments as well processing mail for overseas which is sent off to Mailability to ship out.

Carole (Vinnie) James and Neil are the Post Room Porters. Vinnie and James cover the two inner post runs, they are the ones seen pushing loaded trollies around. They also help serve at the student counter, and help out with anything else that needs doing once their delivery runs are completed.Neil is the man in the van and covers the outer post run, delivering post and any parcels from Central Stores to departments and accommodation, including University Quays and The Meadows.

I’ve got to ask. Why is Carole called Vinnie?
She’s called Vinnie from her time in the Army. There were two Caroles and her surname is Vincent, so she picked up the nickname Vinnie.

An image of a pink flamingo

The Post Room mascot, James.

Tell is something funny or unusual about yourselves
We have a Post Room mascot, which is a pink flamingo that plays a really stupid tune when you press its wing. Why? Because it makes you smile.

What big projects do you have coming up?
At the moment, we’re re-organising our post runs to cope with the expansion of the University, including our new buildings and increased student numbers. It will mean we can be much more efficient, and keep on delivering everyone’s mail with the same number of staff.

What project are you most proud of?
Our computerised e-mailing scanning system that replaced the paper sheets we used to write out for students to collect their parcels. They now receive an automatic e-mail when they have some post to collect. When they arrive at the post room we just scan their registration cards and we know how many items they are picking up. The system also provides us with really good security, because they are not allowed to collect any mail without their registration cards.

How did you get into this sort of role?
My working background has mostly been office/administrative related. For example, I worked as a secretary to the Chief Inspector at the Colchester Lathe Company, and as an Office Controller co-ordinating the cab drivers bookings. I started off at the University in 2004 as a cleaner and worked my way up to portering. Then, for a few months, I was an Internal Courier, delivering student mail and items to Loughton and Southend. Whilst I was doing this job, I applied for the position of Postal Assistant, and I rose through the ranks to become a Postal Supervisor and then Postal Services Manager.

What’s your one top tip for working at the University?
Working as part of a good team makes all the difference.


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