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17 May 2017

Emeritus Professor highlights films from the margins for LGBT+ TV

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Image from Tales from the MarginsProfessor Rainer Schulze has created a new film series for LGBT+ TV looking at films from around the world.

Professor Schulze said: “Tales From The Margins is a different kind of LGBTIQ film programme: it is not only showing films on LGBTIQ issues from around the world, but I am also talking with the filmmakers about their films: why they made them, the problems they faced and the impact their films had.

“The programme has a global outlook and focuses on struggles and issues which LGBTIQ communities in the western world often believe, rightly or wrongly, they have long overcome. It includes both documentaries and narrative films, short films as well as feature films, and over time it aims to cover all the six letters of L, G, B, T, I and Q.”

The first introductory series comprised films on LGBTIQ communities in a number of African countries and is now being repeated. It opened with the disturbing Ugandan feature film ‘Outed: The Painful Reality’ which, based on a true story, looks into the life of Vida, a man outed by a Ugandan tabloid as one of the “top homosexuals” in the country and as a result loses his job and his house and is hunted by the authorities.

Professor Schulze said: “The next series of Tales From The Margins will shift the focus to South Asia where LGBTIQ people are also still struggling for legal equality and social acceptance. Tales From The Margins wants to stimulate discussion, create solidarity in our global community and, hopefully, be entertaining as well.”

  • Tune in to Tales From The Margins, Mondays and Fridays at 9.00pm on LGBT+ TV, Virgin Media 159, Freeview 7 or

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