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3 May 2017

Better tools for our researchers

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Academic colleagues are set to benefit from a new system; providing a single place for managing all academic activities. Phineas Wenlock, Research Systems Manager at the Research Enterprise Office, tells us more.

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Phineas Wenlock

Everything in one place

The new Research Information System (RIS) will allow academic staff to manage their publications and research outputs, track the impact of their research, create detailed profiles for the web and complete annual research monitoring- all in one place.

Saving you time

The new system will significantly reduce the number of internal systems that researchers need to access and minimize the time they need to spend entering information into different systems.  Instead of depositing publications in the Institutional Repository, maintaining web profiles in the Staff Information Database (SID), completing annual research monitoring via emailed word documents and  keeping an eye on citations in Scopus and other research mentions via Altmetric, our academics will be  able to do all this and more in one place using their normal university login.

Getting used to the new system

To help everyone get used to the new system we won’t be doing all this from day one. This week we have opened up access to the RIS so colleagues can get used to the new system and start managing their publications. In June we will switch on depositing to the Intuitional Repository so you won’t need to login separately to deposit your publications.

Improving research visibility

Another key aim of the RIS is to improve the visibility of our research and in the autumn, full profile management will become available.  We are working with the Web Redevelopment Project to deliver profiles managed from the RIS, so you no longer need to use the Staff Information Database (SID). We will also be migrating information from your existing SID profiles plus getting details of your teaching responsibilities and grants automatically, so you won’t need to add them in manually.

Other benefits – coming soon

There will be other benefits too, including linking to ORCID profiles, automatic CV creation and a place where you can track research impact and link it to grants and publications.

We have recently completed a pilot phase with Directors of Research from all departments. The feedback has been positive and the system is now open to all academic staff.

Any questions?

Please look out for further announcements about the RIS and send any questions to me at


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