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30 September 2016

Volunteering gets a revamp

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vteam posterUntil now, students had to carry around and complete a paper passport to log their volunteering efforts with the Students’ Union vTeam.

Being paper, these were often damaged, lost, or forgotten; and students then had no record of their activities. Paper has now become electronic thanks to the Catalyst Project funding an additional volunteering module for the vTeam’s MSL system, enabling the vTeam to now:

  • Offer an easy online way for students to record their volunteering, skills, and training
  • Align with the Big Essex Award skills, providing consistency for our students across different schemes
  • Encourage students who’ve completed the necessary volunteering hours to apply for the Big Essex Award, also giving them recognition on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
  • Have more time to dedicate to setting up new and exciting projects for our students
  • Increase our volunteering efforts within our local communities
  • Provide students with a record of their skills achieved through volunteering and increasing their employability
  • Be able to accurately know how many hours and opportunities students are participating in
  • Include other student volunteering such as Society & Club volunteering, peer mentoring, Nightline, external volunteering and lots more

Volunteering is an important part of the student experience, and the vTeam are the go-to team for anything related to student volunteering.

Need some volunteers? Contact the vTeam.  Need some help promoting your opportunity? Contact the vTeam. Got some ideas? Contact the vTeam.

Anya Visegorodceva – Volunteering Manager E: 01206 863211

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