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26 August 2016

Alumnus to showcase artwork at Nottage

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Winter lake scene in moonlight

Winter lake scene in moonlight

Local artist and Essex alumnus Alex Tzirinis (Altis) will again be showcasing his work at a special exhibition at the Nottage Maritime Institute in Wivenhoe from 3-18 September between 2-6pm. The private view in on Saturday 3 September.

Alex takes scenes that attract his attention and transforms them into vibrant memories through imaginative colour harmonies.

Alex, who graduated from Essex with a MA in History and Philosophy of Modern Art, paints on canvas using oils and acrylics and his work is characterised by vivid colours and impressionistic, visible brushstrokes which blend in to create unique immersive pieces.

More images are available to view on his website.






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18 August 2016

Meet the Central Stores team

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Our Central Stores team order the products we all need to keep doing our jobs smoothly. From ipads to eye pads, they stock up to 1,500 items and ensure we all get what we need when  we need it for the best possible price.

Here, Stores Supervisor, Richard Lythgo tells us more. 

How many members of staff make up the Central Stores team?

Richard Lythgo, Central Stores Supervisor


The team in Central Stores consists of myself, Neil and Philip.  We are also helped on a daily basis by our porter Tim.

How long have you worked at the University?

I originally started at the University in 1993 joining straight from school as part of a Youth Training Scheme.  Neil and Philip both joined the Central Stores team in the 1990’s so we have all worked together at the University for quite some time.   None of us can compete with Tim though who has worked for the University for nearly 36 years and I believe is currently the longest serving member of staff in Estate Management.

Tell us something unusual about your team

Obviously having worked together so long we are quite a close group and we all contribute to making Central Stores a happy yet productive working environment.  We all share a love of football, although we all support different teams and we have a monthly pub quiz team which never finishes last.

 What’s the main purpose of the team?

Central Stores has many important functions within the University but primarily we stock products which are essential to the daily running of the University.  If you have ever had a light fail to turn on or a toilet refuse to flush, most likely the products used to fix those problems were supplied by Central Stores.

Our products include batteries, kettles, first aid supplies, office chairs, paint, notice boards and many maintenance fittings and sundries.  We actually hold over 1500 products and can pretty much supply most things from iPads to eye pads.

Phillip and Neil joined the team in the 1990s

Philip and Richard joined the team in the 1990s

Central Stores is also one of the main delivery points for the University with trucks and vans arriving with all types of deliveries on a regular basis throughout the day.  Each of these deliveries has to be processed by us and then delivered up to the departments by Tim.

Another area for which Central Stores is responsible for is the University Luggage Room which is a service for students who are going home over the summer vacation but want to leave some belongings on campus for next term.  We usually hold between 1200 and 1500 items of luggage each summer, that’s quite a bit of luggage even for Mariah Carey.

What are you and your team most proud of?

I think I’m most proud of the way we have as a team kept Central Stores running smoothly and efficiently over the years.  The University has grown and technologies have changed but we have worked hard to ensure that Central Stores continues to offer products that are relevant and essential to the upkeep of the campus while also delivering the best possible value for money.

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What does our data-driven future mean to you?

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Big dataThe hidden world of data and what it means for all of us will be explored in four keynote lectures for staff and students as part of next month’s Essex Big Data and Analytics Summer School.

All the lectures will be held in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall’s Auditorium A on our Colchester Campus.

Monday 5September 4.45pm-5.45pm

Speaker: Harry Powell, Head of Advanced Data Analytics, Barclays PLC

Title: List[Corporation].map(x => google(x)).reduce(_ + _) === ???

Abstract: How do you apply “Google” technology to a 325-year-old bank? The digital economy accounts for only 5% of GDP. Data science will revolutionise our world only once we work out how to apply it in established “old-world” businesses.

But there are challenges in doing so and overcoming them requires an appreciation of what data science is, how it is different and why. This talk will draw on Harry Powell’s experience of building the Advanced Data Analytics team at Barclays and in building big data machine learning applications in a regulated environment.


Wednesday 7September 4.45pm-5.45pm

Speaker: Hado an Hasselt, Senior Research Scientist, Google Deepmind

Title: Deep reinforcement learning

Abstract: Reinforcement learning gives us a way to build machines that can learn to make decisions automatically and autonomously, without prior demonstrations of desired behaviour.  This means that the machine can find solutions that its designer did not need to specify or even know.  This talk will discuss how to use reinforcement learning to learn how to make decisions, and how to combine it with deep learning to scale to impressive applications.


Monday 12September 4.45pm-5.45pm

Speaker: Hetan Shah, Executive Director, The Royal Statistical Society

Title: A data manifesto

Abstract: Hetan Shah will talk about the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Manifesto which argues that government can improve democracy, policymaking and prosperity through better use of data and statistics. He will discuss a range of issues including data access and data sharing, open data, statistical skills and the ‘data trust deficit’.


Wednesday 14 September 4.45pm-5.45pm

Speaker: Megan Lucero, Data Journalism Editor, News UK

Title: What’s next for (data) journalism?

Abstract: Over the past few years, The Times and Sunday Times broke several exclusives that led to international outcry and institutional change, due in part to their investment in a computational investigations team.

From uncovering tax avoidance, to doping in athletics, the data team at The Times and Sunday Times changed journalism practice by integrating computing into the story finding process. The team, equipped with statisticians, programmers and journalists, lend an analytical eye to stories in a unique way for a newspaper.

This talk by the team’s Data Editor, Megan Lucero, will go behind the scenes of several of their big stories and explain how data analysis can advance accountability in journalism and society.

Essex Big Data and Analytics Summer School is being held from 5 to 16 September 2016 at Colchester Campus.



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12 August 2016

Essex lecturer co-authors a new book about legal and ethical aspects of nursing

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dfSouthend Campus lecturer Paul Buka is co-authoring a new book on the legal and ethical aspects of nursing called Care of Vulnerable Older People.

Paul who teaches in Nursing and Healthcare Law and Ethics within The School of Health and Human Sciences has been interested in this field since his early days in clinical practice in Scotland.  He later went on to gain a degree in law at the University of East London and a Masters at the University of Leicester, and has written other publications in this area.

Paul has recently been awarded Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy through the University’s Cadenza process.

He said: “I was quite frustrated by the lack of awareness of the law.  Students would ask me questions about this aspect and I didn’t have the knowledge to assist. All the books I could find were not written for nurses.   My approach was to bring ethics and law together and apply it to nursing.

“It is more challenging today and quite rightly so.  Nurses need to use their skills and judgement to apply the law and safeguard patients, while making the boundaries clear of where they step in on patient autonomy for those with mental capacity.”

Care of Vulnerable Older People co-authored with Monica Davis and Madalene Pereira, to be published in August, focuses on how legislation and national policy and Ethics can be applied to the context of protecting ‘at risk’ older adults.

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Southend’s Summer of Sci-Fi

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ET 11More than 400 people flocked to the Forum for a free screening of E.T The Extra Terrestrial on the big outdoor screen in the first of a summer season of sci-fi films.

Arranged to celebrate British astronaut Tim Peake’s successful journey in space, the season continues this Saturday from 6.00 pm with WALL-E, Close Encounters of the Third Kind will be shown on Saturday August 20 and the latest Star Wars film The Force Awakens, on Saturday 27 August.

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Virtual Dementia Tour bus goes to Southend

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Dementia pic

The Virtual Dementia Tour bus went to Southend High Street in a collaboration between the University and the Borough Council.

The tour gave Health and Human Sciences students as well as dementia leaders and professionals a first-hand experience of how it may feel to have dementia and the limitations and frustrations that can be manifested by the illness.

Nursing lecturer Wendy Rajah from the Southend campus said: “Having lost my own father to Dementia in April of this year, I wish I had known more about the condition and what he was experiencing.  Through better awareness, I would have had a better understanding of his symptoms and ways in which to help him.”

Executive Councillor for Adult Social Care, Cllr Lesley Salter said: “In Southend-on-Sea we have at least 3,000 people living with dementia so our partnership work in this area is absolutely vital.

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5 August 2016

Get insights into our National Student Survey results

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Students outside The Meadows

Students outside The Meadows

The results of the National Student Survey are out this week and a special briefing is being organised for all staff by the Academic Section to offer them insights into the results before they are officially published.

All staff are invited to the briefing which will be on Tuesday 9 August at 2pm in LTB4 on the Colchester Campus and GB2.18 on the Southend Campus.

The National Student Survey results will be published the following day on Wednesday 10 August.

The session is designed for staff interested in improving the student experience and will provide an overview of the 2016 results data for Essex and the sector data prior to national publication. There will also be an opportunity to explore the key themes and headlines.

Contact Assistant Education Manager Richard Alderman at if you have any questions ahead of the briefing.

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