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28 April 2016

Meet the Security team

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Our Security provide a round-the-clock presence to everyone at the Colchester Campus. Here we talk to the Security Manager, Paul Humphreys to find out more about the him and his team.

See photos of the team on flickr.

Paul Humphreys, Security Manager

    • How many members of staff are in the Security Team? There are 44 of us in the team, 40 Security Officers, three Traffic Parking Assistants, and Penny.
    • How long have you held this position at the University? Eight years.
    • What are the main responsibilities of your role? I’m responsible for the safety, welfare and security of Staff students, visitors and the University infrastructure.
    • What is the main purpose of the team? To provide an emergency response 24/7, ensure the safety and security of everyone who is on campus and provide welfare support to our students out of hours.
    • Tell us something funny, unique, or unusual about yourself. I have never voted in my life.
    • Tell us something we didn’t know about your team. Did you know that the team are here 24/7 365 days a year? Yes, even Christmas Day.
    • What big projects do your team have coming up? We are now planning for the End event, where we will ensure our students can celebrate the end of exams in a safe and friendly environment.
    • What projects are you all most proud of? Planning the security and safety arrangements for the End event, and also the planning regarding arrivals day, where we will magically park over 3,000 cars in 1,800 spaces, get them unloaded, and  get all the new arriving students to their new homes in ten hours.
A man standing next to a car.

A member of our Security team on patrol

  • How did you get into this sort of role? What other roles/organisations have you worked for? I moved into security at the University after spending 24 years in the Army, so not only did I have to change to the civilian way of thinking, I also had the academic world to contend with! I think I am getting to grips with Civvy Street now. The University may take a little longer to get used to.
  • What is your one tip for other working at the University? If you want to park, get here before 0900hrs.

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