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8 March 2016

Meet the Domestic Services team

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Our Colchester Campus is home to thousands of staff and students. By  the time we arrive for work or study each morning the campus is gleaming, but it doesn’t get that way by itself, our Domestic Services team work really hard cleaning up our mess.
Here, Domestic Services Manager Ben Lawson tells us more about his team and work they do to keep our campus so spotless.

See photos of the team and some before and after shots of their work on flickr.

  • Ben Lawson, Domestic Services Team manager

    Ben Lawson, Domestic Services team manager

    How many members of staff are in the Domestic Services team? 95

  • What’s your main responsibility at the University?

Domestic Services provide cleaning, portering and recycling services at the Colchester campus. Contracts such as window cleaning, waste management and pest control are also managed by the section. Our main responsibility is to ensure that all facilities are suitably prepared for staff and student use, seven days a week.

  • Do you have to use any special equipment?

Due to the varied nature of our work, our equipment ranges from vacuums to baling machinery and industrial pressure washers.

  • Do you work unusual hours?
Our cleaners start work at 5.30am each morning to make sure Campus is spotless by 8.30am.

Our cleaners start work at 5.30am each morning to make sure Campus is spotless by 8.30am.

The cleaning staff start work at 5.30am each day so that cleaning tasks are completed by the time the majority of students, staff and visitors arrive on campus.

Reactive services and also preparations for prestigious events can mean that the team work very unsociable hours.

  • What’s the project you’re all most proud of?

I am extremely proud of our teams’ track record with regard to responding quickly and efficiently during emergency clean-up operations.
I also think it is a credit to the staff that year on year all elements of the section combine to play a crucial role in the delivery of various important events such as Open Days, Graduation and Welcome Week.

  • Tell us something about your team that we might not know, or which might surprise us

Many of our cleaners are students here at the University. We also have some members of staff who are educated to PHD level which quite frankly is often not what people expect!

  • If you could build or change one thing at the University, what would it be?

From our teams’ point of view we would love to see less rubbish and various other nasty things left on the Squares following student nights out.

We are all here to ensure that students get the best possible experience that they can at Essex, but it is becoming increasingly challenging to return many areas to normal service by 8.30 am.

  • What projects will you be starting in 2016?
Ben wants to increase the amount of waste that we recycle each year.

Ben wants to increase the amount of waste that we recycle each year.

We are extremely enthusiastic about improving on the amount of waste that the University recycles. We have some exciting initiatives in the pipeline aimed at improving both student and staff engagement with recycling processes. It is hoped that these initiatives will complement the excellent work that is already carried out by our recycling team.

  • Where’s your favourite place on Colchester Campus?

I think that the Squares offer so much to the University. It’s always great to see them full of activity during Welcome Week and Graduation. They are a challenge to keep clean but the end result is worth it.

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  1. Petya Avramova says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I would like to apply for this position (cleaner).

    Thank you!

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    Petya Avramova

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