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14 November 2013

Essex experts offer opinion to ECHR

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Professor Noam Lubell

Professor Noam Lubell

Academics from the School of Law have advised the European Court of Human Rights on how it might effectively apply human rights law in armed conflict situations.

Professors Francoise Hampson and Noam Lubell, both also of the Human Rights Centre, submitted their expert opinion in a case concerning the detention of an individual by the UK during the Iraq conflict.

Professor Lubell explained: “Human rights law and the law of armed conflict are two separate bodies of law, yet they can both be applicable in situations such as military occupation.

“Our intervention provided the Court with an analysis of how these two bodies of law interact with each other, and suggested ways in which the Court might address cases arising from armed conflicts. It also provided information on the legal regulation of detention during armed conflict.”

An oral hearing of the case takes place in December.

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