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University of Essex

8 January 2013

Podcast 1: What is the regional role for an international University?

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The full text of podcast 1

Nearly 50 years ago the University was founded as an international university ‘by’ ‘in’ and ‘for’ Essex. Establishing a modern university was a big prize for any county and it was no surprise that there was a major campaign for Essex to be one of the seven counties to be awarded their own university.

For Essex the University was seen as one of the very few unifying institutions in a large and disparate county; with the potential to add to the intellectual, economic and cultural life of the county.

Part of the reason why the county of Essex was chosen for a new university was the fact that £1.5 million was pledged in six months from local businesses, individual donors and the County Council, which supplemented government funding and indicated the seriousness of local support. It also ensured that the University of Essex would get off to a flying start.

Now with campuses in Colchester, Southend and Loughton, over the last 50 years the University’s impact on the county and the region has been significant.