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5 April 2011

Life on Campus – Bringing the World Closer

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There have been some very dramatic events around the world in the last two or three months, some (literally) earth shattering. For most of us we view these events through the television screen, and that, for many, is the nearest they will ever experience them as things going on ‘out there’, even in an increasingly shrinking world. However, on campus, we have experienced some of them in an almost personal way. Walking through Square Three recently, I witnessed the Libyan students calling on support for their people’s struggle against the Gadaffi regime, a passionate address through megaphones and the waving of their own, original, national flag. Then, over several days, the gathering of Japanese students appealing for support, moral as well as financial, to help them rebuild their country after what amounted to a ‘quadruple whammy’; earthquake, tsunami, radiation hazard and freezing winter conditions.

Life on campus certainly brings the world closer for all of us privileged to be here.

Mike Foote.

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