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26 January 2011

Life on Campus – Hi All!

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Hi All

My name is Machala I am 30 yrs old and a second yr law student (for my sins) I am starting to write this blog to give you a small incite into my life, as well as being a full time student I am vice-president of the mature students society, work a part time job and live off campus.My life might be hectic but Love it.

Well we have been back for 2 weeks now and I think I am just about back into the swing of things, it can be hard after the breaks. But I have had a good couple of weeks I have picked up all the essays I did before the xmas break the ones I put blood sweat and tears into, and it payed off I managed to pick up 3, 2:1’s what is a first for me EVER

Because as well as juggling all of these things I have been diagnosed with dispraxia and never thought I would ever go to uni let alone doing a Law degree.

I hope you will stay with me though what is going to be a interesting yr there will be highs and low’s of that I am sure.

You all take care now


24 January 2011

Life on Campus – Final Spring term

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The first week of my final Spring term as an undergraduate student simply flew past. In much the same way as the four week winter holiday flew past! What do you have to look forward to in your final year?

At ten o’clock on Monday morning I was in Blues Bar to host a Mature Students at Essex Society drop-in session. This is the chance for sophisticated, mature conversation but instead we engaged in frivolous chit-chat.

By now you will all have experienced the joy of collecting marked coursework assignments. If you are lucky like me, you will get inexplicably high marks for sheer waffle. If you are not so lucky, Student Support are there to help you with study skills advice and assistance and your lecturers will be happy to give you pointers on how to do better next time.

I’m sure you have all heard about our university’s high rankings in the research tables? Well, the Psychology department’s research needs the help of human guinea pigs and they are willing to pay for that help. This week I collected £3 for completing a brief online task of rating the attractiveness of miscellaneous faces. Easy money!

More easy money on Wednesday when I worked as a Student Ambassador. Every week a number of our departments invite prospective students to visit the university. Student Ambassadors are current students who are enjoying their time at University of Essex so much that they want to spread the joy. We basically get paid for telling people how great our university is and how much we are enjoying ourselves here!

On Thursday I completed the final formality for being a registered SU minibus driver – long after I first drove the minibus! This is another area where being a mature student is a bonus. Many of the sports clubs and societies use the SU minibus to ferry members to and from off-campus locations. To be registered to drive the minibus you need to be over 21 and have had a driving licence for over two years. This excludes the majority of students until they are in their final year but not us wrinklies!

17 January 2011

Life on Campus – The Christmas Break

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In the last few days leading up to the end of the Autumn term, conversations between students around the campus all seemed to carry a similar theme, e.g; “Oh well, that’s me finished till next term. How about you, mate?” “Oh, a seminar tomorrow afternoon, then that’s it…!” A palpable, collective sense of calm seems to settle over the campus, echoes of dying conversations, the angst of essay deadlines fades quietly away, as students, mature and otherwise, drift off to their respective mansions and caves, with last exchanges of “Have a good one, we must reduce the stock of beer in the SU bar next term!” “Oh, too right!”.

Unlike some organisations in the ‘real’ world, the end of term does not stop on a specified day, at a given hour of the clock, but just dissolves with each student exiting stage left and right at odd hours over a couple of days. If you listen carefully, you might hear the odd murmur, “Christmas already? Blimey, that was quick!” Just as Week 16 advances the Spring Term in to gear, you can hear something awfully similar…..”Blimey, that was quick!”.