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20 December 2010

Life on Campus – End of First Term

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Unbelievable! Is it really possible that we have come through eleven weeks of the first term? Imagine the period as being like a video on fast forward—and it’s still playing! A moment to reflect on what we have absorbed so far. The geography of the campus will by now have been pretty much understood by most of us (OK, I think that you can switch off the SatNav now). The locations of those places which have become important in our academic journey, the SU Bar, Top Bar….(ahem), sorry, I meant to start with such as the LTB, the Alfred Sloman, Ivor Crewe and those of the various lecture and seminar rooms as they relate to our individual fields of study.

Question: how do you make strong men and women quake in apprehension, fear and dread? Utter the two magic words, Essay deadline! As you proceed about the campus, you can get snatches of conversation, whispered in a hushed, almost conspiratorial way that can include such as: “The essay or such and such a module is due on….!”, and, “OMG, I’ve barely started….!” And if you’re really quiet, you realise that you are saying them, too! Welcome to Uni. Have a good break, and let’s look forward to the Spring term.

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  1. Zabrina says:

    What an awesome way to epalxin this—now I know everything!

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